Pedal Power

Pedal Power

We are doing things a bit different this year.   Our cycling instructors can’t come to your school these days so we are bringing the Pedal Power lessons and activities online.  Pedal Power From Home has four days of fun activities, bike drills, and information, focused on road safety and bike handling skills that families can do from home.

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Pedal Power From Home connects to Pathway to Stewardship & Kinship!

Pathway to Stewardship & Kinship Landmarks!

By completing the Pedal Power From Home activities you will also be completing some of the specfic Pathway Landmarks. These Landmarks have been created to highlight important experiences for youth.

When you select a day of activities it will tell you which Landmarks you have completed. Log your Landmark and be entered into a draw for a $50 gift certificate by going to

Keep on pedalling!

For more fun with bikes check out our Resources Page.

Contact Information

Jaime Akiyama, Program Coordinator, GreenUP


Looking back and ahead!

Take a peek at how Pedal Power is usually delivered.  We hope to be back in schoolyards throughout Peterborough in the coming year. 

Cycling is a great way for youth to explore their neighborhood, gain independence and get a healthy dose of physical activity. It is also a great environmentally friendly transportation alternative!

That’s why B!KE and GreenUP have teamed up to offer Pedal Power. The course is currently offered to Grade 5 students and consists of five 75-100minute lessons focusing on road safety and bicycle handling skills. Lessons take place in the schoolyard, as well as on neighborhood roads and trails whenever possible. Extra bikes and helmets can be provided to ensure everyone is able to participate.

Pedal Power aims to build confidence and competence in young riders. The curriculum covers bike handling, traffic safety, and ride preparedness through a variety of on-bike drills and games. Each child in the program receives over six hours of on-bike instruction, ensuring they have time and space to practice new skills!

Pedal Power also aims to build connections. As students ride their bikes, they become more connected to their neighborhood – the streets, sidewalks, trails, parks, and people. They connect physical activity to transportation, as exercise becomes a fun, regular part of their daily lives. They also connect riding a bike to making healthy choices for our environment.

Since launching Pedal Power in 2013, we have worked with hundreds of children in the Peterborough area. We are interested in bringing the program to new schools, so if you are a teacher or parent that is interested in being a Pedal Power champion at your school, please give us a call!


In 2019, Pedal Power was made possible with funding from the City of Peterborough, Wild Rock Outfitters, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, the Peterborough Risk Watch Network, and Fontaine Source for Sports.

GreenUP and B!KE are the program delivery partners of Pedal Power.