Peterborough Moves promotes healthy and sustainable transportation including public transit, cycling, walking, carpooling and telecommuting. We offer programs geared to schools and workplaces and cycling skills courses.

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Posted: April 16, 2020

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Posted: April 1, 2020

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  • Yin Cai

    Local Cycling Series

    Yin Cai. I see people drive their cars to the gym to ride stationary bikes. I prefer to ride my bike to and from the gym and reward myself with a Twinkie.

  • Stephen Hill

    Local Cycling Series

    Stephen Hill. Jumping on my bike makes me feel like a kid again!

  • Travis Samuel

    Local Cycling Series

    Travis Samuel. Cycling for me, more than anything else, has become something that informs my lifestyle.

  • Peter Laurie

    Local Cycling Series

    Peter Laurie. It’s really simple: I love to ride and I always have. Cycling is also a great way to get to work every day; it’s awesome cardio and good for the soul.

  • Pete & Chick MacLoughlin

    Local Cycling Series

    Pete & Chick MacLoughlin. As a retired couple, we enjoy riding with our cycling groups and exploring the many beautiful & scenic routes in the Peterborough area.

  • Paul Wilkinson

    Local Cycling Series

    Paul Wilkinson. Cycling is most things we need: it’s exercise in the great outdoors and the freedom of an open road; it’s the fun of a sprint to a town sign with friends.

  • Natalie Napier

    Local Cycling Series

    Natalie Napier. Choosing not to have a car means building our lives around active transportation while saving our money for the things we really care about.

  • Michael Vanderherberg

    Local Cycling Series

    Michael Vanderherberg. Cycling is a great way to connect to your community. Choose the paths that make you smile.

  • Lynn Sansom

    Local Cycling Series

    Lynn Sansom. Cycling is a way to connect with nature and to get exercise. I am a volunteer with "Tandem eyes” because it is a way for me to share my passion, socialize and to feel good.

  • Luc Bent

    Local Cycling Series

    Luc Bent. Cycling for me is a competition, a challenge, but at the same time it’s freedom. You can see more from a bike than a car.

  • Kemi Akapo

    Local Cycling Series

    Kemi Akapo. There's nothing like the pleasure one gets from a bike ride. Cycling gives me a sense of freedom and helps connect me to my community and environment

  • Gord Gallant

    Local Cycling Series

    Gord Gallant. A year-round bike commuter, mountain bike rider, and road cyclist, I love the sound of two wheels spinning underneath me and the freedom that cycling provides.
    Vive la vie Velo!

  • Kathy Eggenberger

    Local Cycling Series

    Kathy Eggenberger. I commute, race, ride with my kids, mountain bike... anything on a bike. Riding a bike is just one of my very favourite things to do! And it is fun to go fast.

  • Gage Cardinal

    Local Cycling Series

    Gage Cardinal. I don't like to ride my bike, I like to race my bike!
    I like to go fast, and get more air.

  • Evan & Maisie

    Local Cycling Series

    Evan & Maisie. In a car I can't do anything, but when I bike I get to peddle, change gears, and push the brakes. And, I get to see birds, foxes, and deer on the trail. When you are in a car you are also doing a bit of polluting, which I don't think is fair. When you are biking you don't do polluting.

  • Erin McGauley

    Local Cycling Series

    Erin McGauley. I love weaving an outdoor workout into my day. Each morning, I get to my desk energized from the uphill commute. And the best part? It’s all downhill at the end of the day!

  • Anne Wood

    Local Cycling Series

    Anne Wood. Having partial sight, I cycle on a tandem with my husband. Cycling is a celebration of life - myself surviving cancer and my husband a heart transplant. Together we ride strong.

  • Anne Hollingsworth

    Local Cycling Series

    Anne Hollingsworth. For us, cycling is a family affair! While our reasons for cycling may vary, it’s an activity we can collectively embrace and enjoy.

  • Laura, Andy & Beatrice

    Local Cycling Series

    Laura, Andy & Beatrice. Some of the best times in our lives have happened on a bike – and biking around with little Bea only continues this pattern!