Shifting Gears Challenge

Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears

Welcome to Shifting Gears 2018!

A health lifestyle looks good on you! This May, start walking, pedalling, busing, carpooling or teleworking and have a chance to win great Shifting Gears awards and prizes!

As a student, employee or community member, you can win prizes when you track your walking, biking, transit, carpooling, or telecommuting trips during the month of May. With support from the Shifting Gears Team, you can make the shift towards active and sustainable transportation. All transportation trips count including trips to work, school, friends, appointments, errands, etc. You name it – it counts!

How to Participate:

1. Login (above)

2. Track your trips this May

3. Check your progress & the standings

4. (hopefully) Win a prize!

Get others involved. Be a Shifting Gears Ambassador!

We have posters, coordinator packages, social media and event guides, and more for you to use to promote Shifting Gears to your workplace, school, organization, or team. Click below to see the materials that are available to you, free of charge!

Get ready to shift! Sign up for one of our workshops or services.

Host Lunch n’ Learns, host a bike tune-up station, conduct bike audits, or craft new policies and incentive programs for your employees. For information on workshops, services and community events, click below.

Be Awesome! Compete for awards and prizes!

First 500 to 15: The first 500 participants to log 15 sustainable trips will win special discounts and prizes to help you walk, bike, and bus around town.

Shifting Gears Draw Prizes: Details to come!

High School Spirit Prize: $250 Visa gift card for the high school that shows the most enthusiasm and innovation during the transportation challenge.

Along with the individual incentives and prizes, workplaces and high schools can compete for the coveted Travel Wise awards. 


Make the shift with Strava!

Strava is an online trip mapping app that can track where you choose to walk or bike. You can sign up anytime to track the distances that you walk or bike! Your Strava routes build the database showing where people walk and bike, and this helps identify priority locations for new sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes. We are able to look at this data (not individual trips, just a regional data set) to see hot spots, or places where people most frequently walked or biked. If you’d like to add your trips to this regional data set, you can sign up at: