Shifting Gears Challenge

Community Shifting Gears

Another successful year for Community Shifting Gears!

Peterborough’s month-long transportation challenge has wrapped up for another year. Each spring, the challenge offers a reason to change daily habits and try something new with a little support and encouragement. This year, over 850 participants competed as workplace teams, school groups, and individual community members, who together logged over 30,000 sustainable trips through the month of May.

Congratulations to all of our 2017 challenge winners!



The challenge is over, but you can still make the shift!

Workshops and Services available year-round

Bike Night, Tackling Transit, Skateboard Cruiser School, Crafting a Telecommuting Policy, and Bike-friendly Business Audits are just some of what’s new in 2017. Find free customized workshops and services are available for your school, workplace, or community group to help you make the shift this spring.

Register yourself, a friend, or the whole family for a community workshop or bike tour this spring to meet other Shifters and build some skills.

Make the shift with Strava!

Strava is an online trip mapping app that can track where you choose to walk or bike. You can sign up anytime to track your shift! Your Strava trips can help the City find priority locations for new sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes. We are able to look at this data (not individual trips, just a regional data set) to see hot spots, or places where people most frequently walked or biked. If you’d like to add your trips to this regional data set, you can sign up at: