Active School Travel Peterborough

Active School Travel Peterborough

About Us

Active School Travel Peterborough, formally Active & Safe Routes to School, promotes the use of active and sustainable transportation for the daily trip to school, addressing health and traffic safety issues while taking action on air pollution and climate change.

Each year, we work with local schools to implement programs that encourage students to walk, run, cycle, skate or bus to school. Parents, teachers and students involved in our programs often remark on the many benefits of active transportation, among them:

  • Students become more familiar with their communities and routes to school
  • Students build their road sense, learning about traffic and bicycle safety
  • Students arrive to school more alert and ready to learn
  • Families build daily physical activity into a busy schedule
  • Families have positive impacts on air and noise pollution by reducing car use

Read about our 2017-2018 school year in our ASRTS_FinalReport_2018 

Our Vision

All students have the opportunity to walk, bike or bus to and from school as a part of their daily school experience.

Our Mission

To realize a measurable shift walking, biking and busing for the trip to and from school, for the health and well being of our students, communities and environment.

Our Goals

  1. Increase community capacity to advance the use of walking, biking and busing.
  2. Advocate for policy and infrastructure that facilitates walking, biking and busing.
  3. Increase awareness and understanding, in the broader community, of the importance of active lifestyles and the supporting built environment
  4. Improve community safety as it relates to walking, biking and busing to and from school.

Our Partners

GreenUP, City of Peterborough, Peterborough Public Health, Student Transportation Services of Central Ontario, Crossing Guards of Peterborough, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, Peterborough Northumberland Victoria Clarington Catholic District School Board, Peterborough County, and the Peterborough Community Police.

Our Stats

Download here: ASRTS PTBO