Registration FAQ:

I want to get involved, how do I figure out which challenge to register with?

1) workplaces

If your workplace is within the city of Peterborough, you can identify your workplace when registering. Your trips will contribute to your workplace’s total trips, helping them to win Travel Wise awards!

2) high schools

If your high school is located in the city of Peterborough, you can identify your high school when registering. Your trips will contribute to your high school’s total trips, helping them to win Travel Wise awards!

3) community groups /solo participants.

You can register as an individual participant, or if your community group, athletic club, facility, or home happens to be in the city of Peterborough you can identify the community group you are representing.

Is there a registration deadline?

Community Shifting Gears officially kicks off on May 1, 2017. We recommend registering before May 1st and tracking your trips daily or weekly to be eligible for incentives and weekly prizes. Community Shifting Gears does not have a cutoff date and participants are able to register up until May 31st.

If I have participated last year do I need to register again?

Sort of, if you participated in 2016 your online account will still be active, but you still have to register that you have signed on for 2017. If you registered off-line in the past as part of your workplace and would like to use our online trip tracker this year, you would have to create an account.


Community Shifting Gears Benefits and Prizing FAQ:

How does Community Shifting Gears benefit me and my community?

The Community Shifting Gears challenge helps:

  • reduce traffic congestion in Peterborough
  • promote health and fitness
  • reduce the environmental impact of driving
  • participants win super prizes and awards

How can I win a prize?

Simply log your trips throughout the week to be eligible for Community Shifting Gears awards and prizes, such as,

  • First 500 to 15 – The first 500 participants to log 15 sustainable trips will win special discounts and prizes to help you walk, bike, and bus around town
  • Weekly draws for yummy lunch gift certificates – Draws will take place every Monday at 2pm, so make sure your last week’s trips are logged before then
  • The Grand Prize Draw of a $750 Resorts of Ontario gift card – To qualify, you need to have logged a minimum of four sustainable trips during the challenge

(Please note there are different prize options for student participants)

How will I know if I was one of the First 500 to 15?

We will be keeping a close eye on the logged trips through the first week! Winners will be contacted by Community Shifting Gears.

How will I know if I have won a weekly draw?

To win a weekly draw you must log your trips using the online trip tracker by 12 pm the following Monday. Off-line trip trackers are available for workplaces and must be submitted to your workplace coordinator by end-of-week. Winners will be contacted by Community Shifting Gears.


Promotions FAQ:

How do I get materials to promote the challenge?

Community Shifting Gears has what you need to promote the challenge to your colleagues, classmates, and teammates. Flyers, posters, coordinator packages, and more! You can click here to find our online program resources.

We can also deliver printed versions to you (because you’re amazing, and we want to you have the materials you need to make this year’s challenge as successful as possible!) If you want a delivery, click here and let us know what you’d like!


Trip Tracking FAQ:

How often do I have to log my trips?

Be sure to log your trips regularly to be entered into the Monday draw at 12 pm. Trips can be logged daily, or at the end of week. If you happened to forget to log your trips, you can back-log your trips.

Does trip distance matter? 

No, distance does not play a factor in Community Shifting Gears standings. Top scores are based on the frequency of an individual’s logged trips.

How do workplaces/ high schools/ community groups win? How can I track this?

Top standings are based on participation and trip frequency. At the end of the Community Shifting Gears challenge the workplace, high school, and community group with the highest standing win.

Check the standings page to see how you are fairing against the rest of the community!


Community Shifting Gears Workshops and Services FAQ:

How many workshops can I book at my school or workplace?

There is no limit to the number of workshops you can book, but spaces in April and May do fill up quickly. Book early to ensure your space is scheduled during Community Shifting Gears. For a full listing of workshops, click here.

Who leads your workshops?

Local bike mechanics, CAN-Bike certified instructors, and transit experts will lead the workshops.

What new services are you offering this year?

Receive our consulting services free-of-charge during Community Shifting Gears. Complete a Bike-friendly Business Audit, craft a new Telecommuting Policy, or learn about best practices in incentivizing employees to go car-free. For a full listing of services, click here.

Are there courses available to the community, too?

Yes, this year GreenUP and B!KE have partnered to offer Bike Night, every Thursday from April through September. Each Thursday will be a different focus – 1st week Bike Mechanics, 2nd week Family-focused, 3rd week Skills Building, 4th week Discovery Ride. To register click here. The City of Peterborough and GreenUP will also be offering Peterborough by Bike tours and will be popping up at various events through the month of May.


Modes of Transport FAQ:

What does sustainable or active transportation mean?

Active transportation is any self-propelled, human-powered mode of transportation, such as walking or biking. Sustainable transportation takes a greener approach to meeting our travel needs, helping to keep our bodies and our environment healthier. Sustainable modes of transport include walking, cycling, public transit, carpooling, and telecommuting.

What is telecommuting, does it count?

Telecommuting refers to when you work from a remote location outside of your traditional office. The remote location may be your home, a coffee shop, a shared office space, or another location a bit closer to your residence (thereby reducing the length of your commute). Most often, telecommuting just means working from home.

If I get dropped off to work or high school does that count as carpooling?

Good question! Technically no, especially if the person driving you to work or school only jumped in the car to take you somewhere. If your driver has other trips or drop offs planned for before or after your drop-off, it can count as a carpooling on your trip tracker. For example, if dad drives you to soccer practice this is not a carpool trip, but if dad drops off one kid to nursery school, you to school, and then goes to work it can be considered carpooling.


High School Shifting Gears FAQ:

Why should my school get my school involved?

Aside from the health and environmental benefits, your school has the opportunity to earn a year’s supply of bragging rights as the winner of the High School Travel Wise Award and/or the Community Shifting Gears Spirit Prize ($250 VISA gift card).

How do teachers and staff participate in this challenge?

Teachers and staff are encouraged to participate in Community Shifting Gears. When you register, identify your school as a workplace and your trips will be added to the school’s overall standings. Once registered, teachers and staff are eligible for Community Shifting Gears weekly draws and a $750 Resorts of Ontario grand prize.

What are the student prizes?

High school students are eligible for prizes:

  • 1st Place Participant Prize (1 winner): An iPad mini
  • 2nd Place Participant Prize (1 winner): A FitBit
  • 3rd Place Participant Prize (1 winner): A $50 VISA gift card
  • Honorable Mentions: 10 additional prizes to be won!

+ High Schools are eligible for the Community Shifting Gears Spirit Prize ($250 VISA gift card).