Shifting Gears



Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Anyone in the city and county of Peterborough can participate, whether you are a student, employee, or community member. You can rally your friends, neighbours, classmates, or co-workers to participate, or even join as a family to compete against other families this year.

Is there a registration deadline?

No, you can register anytime before May 31st. Shifting Gears officially kicks off on May 1, 2020. We recommend registering early to take advantage of workshops, 1-1’s, and e-news resources in the lead up to the challenge.

If I have participated last year do I need to register again?

Yes, our system is set up in a way that now requires registration each year.

How can we sign up as a family?

To sign up as a family register under one email address, and enter your first name as ‘The’ and your last name as your families last name or a group nickname. For example, my family would be The Strouds or maybe The DinosOnBikes. Then, click that you are participating as a community member, and answer your pledge question as a family. Log all your trips together each day. Unfortunately, the standings page will not let us see how well families are doing against one-another. Email Lindsay if you would like to share your logged trips with other families, and she will sent up a special email to announce weekly who is in the lead!

What is different this year?

This year, we are putting the emphasis on staying healthy, both physically and mentally, in the midst of the changes our community is experiencing as it works to flatten the curve. We know that all of us are experiencing changes in our daily lives, including in our work and school arrangements. Those who are working outside the home continue to need support too – perhaps in different ways than in previous years.

Instead of being a competition, this year Shifting Gears is a community effort to stay connected, stay healthy and provide supports for healthy living. We are combining our Shifting Gears and Active School Travel teams to offer some family-oriented activities as well as e-workshops for adults. We are still working on these, so more details will follow in Shifting Gears e-newsletters!

Are you doing workshops, ABC checks, and commuter consults?

We are exploring safe ways to provide you with the info, skills, gear, and repairs we would usually provide through market visits, workshops, and consults. A the moment, the awesome staff at B!KE can offer Shifting Gears Bike Commuter Consults for essential workers and those who need their bike to make essential trips using drop-off/pick-up procedures and remote conferencing.

We hope that we can offer more workshops on topics of interest to you as the month goes on. If you have not yet done so, please complete this survey letting us know of your challenges and interests, or send an email to Lindsay with your idea.

What are the prizes this year and how do I qualify?

Simply log your trips throughout the month of May to be eligible for Shifting Gears prizes. We will have weekly draws for umbrellas, bike pumps and bike tire repair kits. To win a weekly draw you must log your trips using the online trip tracker by 12 pm the following Monday. Prizes will be available for pick-up once the COVID19 restrictions are lifted.

How does Shifting Gears benefit me and my community?

We get so much positive feedback about this long-running program! Here are some of the benefits of Shifting Gears.

  • Provides information about sustainable transportation choices, including working from home
  • Promotes health and fitness
  • Reduces demand for parking at businesses and workplaces
  • Reduces our collective carbon footprint.