I Am Predictable

I Am Predictable

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This week’s focus is on how to communicate with other trail and road users and by riding in a way that is predictable.


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I Am Predictable! Activity 1: Passing on the left.


I Am Predictable! Activity 2: Using Hand Signals

I Am Predictable! Activity 3: Riding on the road

CAN-BIKE // Manitoba Cycling Association’s shares another great video, filled with tips to help with your bike traffic skills.  Thanks Tetro Design  and handcraftcreative.com for creating this video.

Sidewalks! This video mentioned general rules about riding on sidewalks.  Peterborough has specific rules, which state that you are not allowed to ride a bicycle on sidewalks downtown. Children under 14 years of age can ride on the sidewalk outside of the downtown.

It is important to know the rules for the place you plan to ride.

Riding in Peterborough? Visit Peterborough.ca for information on Walking and Biking on Roads, Sidewalks, and Trails.

Bike Lanes!

Peterborough has some bike lanes that help cyclist share the road with other road users.  Knowing how to position yourself on a bike lane properly will help you be predictable to other road users.

Click on Peterborough’s How to Use Bike Lane for some information on specific locations you might recognize!


Knowing where to position yourself at intersections can be tricky.  The above resources provided some info to help you position yourself when cycling through an intersection.

The City of Edmonton created a fun video showing ‘How to turn left on your bike like a champ’.


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Don’t worry Pedal Power From Home is not finished here!  Now that you are Ready, In Control, Aware, and Predictable, we want to continue sharing fun bike related games and resources.

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