Workshops and Services

Workshops and Services

The Shifting Gears team is exploring how we can shift our community and workplace programming online. We hope to meet you virtually very soon, and continue in-person when it is safe to do so. Stay tuned!

Workshops and Services are currently on hold.

New-to-Shifting Workshops

This year we are offering special workshops to new participants of Shifting Gears. In each of these workshops, you will be provided with helpful tips and tricks for making your new transportation choice work for you. We will also provide all workshop attendees with a New-to-Shifting bonus (valued at $20). Workshops are offered at lunchtime and evenings at various locations.

These workshops are only available to new participants, and you can sign up by completing the New Participant Survey found in your Welcome Email. If you have any trouble, please contact Lindsay, Shifting Gears Coordinator.

  • New to Transit
  • New to Bike Commuting
  • New to Commuting by Foot

If your workplace has many new participants, we would happily book a special New-to-Shifting Workshop for you and your team. Please contact Lindsay to schedule a special workshop.

Alongside the New-to-Shifting workshops, Shifting Gears is offering 1-1 support with our Commuter Consults. Talk with our Super Shifters about your individual needs and concerns. We are excited to find ways to ease your shift!

New-to-Shifting: B!KE Commuter Consult
We will help you equip your bicycle for maximum commuting comfort and convenience!
Find a date that works for you at

New-to-Shifting: Plan or Ride your Route Consult (for bike commuting and transit)
We will help you find your perfect route and tackle questions about riding around town!
Find a date that works for you at

If none of the available times fit with your schedule, please contact Lindsay.

Workshops and Services for Workplaces:

Shifting Gears has offered other workshops and services to workplace in the past. Though we have limited availability this year, we may be able to accommodate your request. Please take a look at the offerings below, and let us know which you are interested in bringing to your team.

  • Cyclist in the City: Learn strategies to be visible, comfortable and safe when cycling on the road. This workshop is for newbies and experienced cyclists alike. (time required = 45 minutes).
  • ABC’s of Bicycle Maintenance: Address common bike repair needs and learn the ABC’s of bike maintenance. (time required = 60 minutes).
  • Bicycle Therapy: Trouble-shoot tricky commute challenges with local bicycle experts. Gear choices, route planning, and tackling tough intersections are among our expertise (time required = 45 minutes).
  • Beautiful Commutes: Are you dissatisfied with your commute? This workshop will provide advice on finding the most beautiful route from A to B. Your ride/walk to work has never been better! (time required = 45 minutes).
  • Peterborough by Bike Presentation: Get the inside scoop on upcoming bike-friendly projects from the City of Peterborough’s TDM Planner and members of the Peterborough Bicycle Advisory Committee.

We also offer the following free services to employers and workplace coordinators,

  • Bike-friendly Business Audit: We can help you conduct a bike-friendly business audit! Find ways to make it easier for employees to bike to and for work. Answer all your questions about bike racks, fix-it kits, Bike-to-Work Day, and workplace bike share programs.
  • Building a Workplace Bike Share Program: If you have employees who commute from out of town, you may want to create an internal bike share program to promote cycling for work errands and appointments. We can share info on how other local organizations have set up a bike share system and help to get your share up and running.
  • Crafting a Telecommute Policy: Boost productivity, increase job satisfaction, and even save on rent! Achieve the many benefits of telecommuting, while ensuring that your employees and their work is supported, by crafting a Telecommute Policy with Shifting Gears.
  • Incentivize your Smart Commute: Learn from the best practices of other employers to find ways of encouraging employees to go car-free, if only once in a while. We can help you find the policies and programs that are a perfect match for your employees.

Community Events and Workshops:

GreenUP, B!KE, and the City of Peterborough offer events, workshops and rides for individuals and families, too. For a full listing of community events and workshops, click here.