I Am Ready!

I Am Ready!

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This day’s focus is to help you be prepared for riding your bike. 

The Pedal Power From Home program is a great way to complete some of the Pathway to Stewardship and Kinship Landmarks. Day 1 prepares you for the following three days of activities – after completing those activities you can to to pathwayproject.ca to log your landmarks and be entered into a draw for a $50 gift certificate.

Are you ready?  Here are three activities that will guide you to be ready to ride your bike.


I Am Ready! Activity One: 2V1 Helmet Check

Protect your brain, wear your helmet! All cyclist under the age of 18 must wear a helmet, it’s the LAW! Watch CAN-BIKE // Manitoba Cycling Association’s Bike Helmets 101 – your brain will thank you.


Wearing a helmet is mandatory for some, important for everyone.  Wear it and wear it properly. 2V1 is a easy way to check that your helmet fits properly.  Learn the 2V1, check your helmet, check your families helmets! Check it often!



GEAR – Head To Toes

Cycling, like many sports, has specialized gear that can increase our comfort and safety.  Some gear is recommended, while other gear is mandatory.

Some things to consider:

Helmet – we got that covered. Mandatory for 18 years old and under, recommended for all.

Loose pant legs – tuck in or tied down to prevent getting caught in your chain.

Reflective and bright clothes – Be Safe Be Seen!

Closed-toed, sturdy shoes – for comfort, safety, and to add more power to your push!

Think about gear that will help keep you comfortable and safe for all types of weather.



I Am Ready! Activity Two: The ABCs of Bike Maintenance

Before you head out for a ride, give your bike a simple ABC Quick Check.  Get your bike ready and increase safety and comfort on your ride.

This fun video, from DPTI South Australia, will show you how to get your bike ready.




I Am Ready! Activity Three: The Dos and Don’ts of locking your bike.

DO use a quality, sturdy lock.

DO put the lock through the frame of your bike, as well as any parts that are easy to remove (like the front wheel).

DON’T just put the lock through the wheel.  Wheels can be easily separated from your bike.

DON’T lock the bike by wrapping the lock around the seat or handle bars.  The lock can easily be slipped off these parts of your bike.

DO lock your bike to secure objects and bike racks.  

DON’T lock your bike to flimsy or movable things.  


Practice – Check – Practice

Grab your lock and bike.  Practice locking your bike up in different places near and around your house (try at least three places). Get someone in your family to check that you have followed the DOs and DON’Ts of locking your bike.



See you for    Be ready, you will be on your bike for our day 2 activities.



 We would love to see Pedal Power From Home participants in action.  Share on social media and tag us, @ptbomoves #pedalpowerfromhome.  Enjoy the ride!