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Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears

Hello Peterborough and welcome to Shifting Gears 2020!

We’ve made some big changes to Shifting Gears this year in response to the ways that COVID-19 is impacting our community (read more here). What hasn’t changed is our commitment to helping our community shift smoothly towards the new daily norms, whether they be voluntary, mandatory, exciting, or frustrating.

What are the latest changes?

  • Our Trip Tracker is now open to all community members, and you can track all transportation and recreational trips! You can use the tracker to chart your shift, monitor your physical activity, or schedule in some fun for the whole family. 
  • Our workshops and consults are moving online. First up, is the Shifting Gears Bike Commuter Consults provided by our partners at B!KE. 40 spots are now open to essential workers and those making essential trips.
  • Our Program Resources have been updated with tips, tools, and more to help you, your family, or your workplace navigate changes to the ways we go about daily work, school, play, shop, and travel this spring.

How to Participate:

1. Register for Shifting Gears TODAY!

**NOTE: All participants are required to register for the 2020 challenge. Past participant details have been removed from the system so that we can update our contact information and learn more about your goals for 2020.

2. Log your trips this May

This year, all trips count! Whether you are walking your dog, commuting to work, out to get groceries, or even taking a bike ride with your kids, they all count. Log your trips daily or weekly to be eligible for great prizes. Remember that each trip counts – from home to the grocery store is one trip, and the grocery store to home is a second. Check our FAQ‘s for more info on how families and workplaces can track trips this spring.

3. Learn and share with the Shifting Gears community

Since we won’t be seeing you at the market or your workplaces this year, we plan to be even more available on Shifting Gears’ social platforms, so tune into our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages for news and tips, shared by some familiar faces. You can also share you experiences again this year by tagging #shiftinggearsptbo! Last, but absolutely not least, B!KE is onboard again this year to provide Shifting Gears Bike Commuter Consults to those in essential services or making essential trips! Click here to get more info on how you can set yourself up with some new gear and lots of know-how to help build comfort and confidence in bike commuting.

4. Track your progress and win prizes!

It can be hard to create new habits, but seeing those trips add up week after week, being part of a big community doing the very same thing, and having the chance to win great prizes along the way can help ease the shift and make it fun. We look forward to supporting and celebrating you this spring!